I am Kwezi, the Founding Hound of Kwezidog Apparel Pty Ltd. I’m famous in my neighborhood for being super cool, famous on social networks for being entertainingly eccentric and now, I’m sure to get notoriety for being the first dog to run her own line (leash?).

Kwezidog Apparel, is a breakthrough company where Canines (felines too sshhhh…) and Humans work paw-in-hand. We are the first cross-species corporation to exist in a world where the giant growling corporate beast leads the pack, always hungry for the next mass-produced knockoff, drooling bad quality while infested with the constant itch of overpriced blandness. This is not the work of Dogs!

My company offers something original and liberating… as a dog I bring years of on-paw experience (6 to be imprecise – which is equal to a masters in caninology). I am not just a dog, I am an African dog. I am inspired to express the beauty of my continent. Its vibrant tones and cultural richness reflected in the unique fabrics used in my apparel range. Each piece is ‘paw’ made in Africa with love and care, making it easy to be dressed to the canines.

For every product sold, R5 will be donated to animal charities. No dog should walk alone.