Fate can be as barking mad as a St. Bernard cross Maltese Poodle. I am not ashamed to say that I am a rescue dog of extremely mixed heritage who was picked up on the side of a highway next to the biggest township in Cape Town, South Africa. I was leaner than an Afghan hound and, as was later discovered, very sick with cancer.

I have been there and smelt the T-shirt. This is why it is my aim to help animals who come from underprivileged and rescue backgrounds, assisting my fellow cancer sufferers and bringing awareness to their plight. Viva Kwezidog viva….

It has been a dream of mine for many dog years to head up my own design house, a dream where my back legs run even though I’m lying down asleep. It’s time canine concepts of beauty and style are wrestled from monkeys in suits and put firmly in the paws of dogs (and the occasional cat).

I, Kwezi, am the top dog for sure – but I don’t work alone and have some human underlings in my pack. Jen is my right paw and co-founder of this open species enterprise. When I first met Jen I decided that her shoes smelt good and sat on her lap. Being a master at sales I immediately realized that the deal was done – I had a new home and family! Some bark into my ear that I have been Jentrified (gentrified) but I say that she has been ‘Kwezified’. Some great apes can be great and more than anything else they supply food, entertainment and an ample collection of footwear to sniff.

This ‘issue’ of my shoe fetish is something I do in private and its difficult to bark about – but I love shoes. The smell, the look, the feel… I cant get enough! Whenever I’m home alone I collect all the most recently worn shoes, have a good sniff and place them in carefully created instillations (apparel design is not my only artistry). This seems to amuse the humans (sophisticated conceptual art is not the place for the ignorant) and they now record my constructions – hence my online fame. A word of warning…never chew your art, the audience might not be too impressed.

We now live happily under the shadow of the beautiful Table Mountain, in the historically and culturally significant District 6, Cape Town. All species are welcome, even cats. Yes, I have had issues with felines in the past but spending time with my new sister, Püzzikat, has changed things. Her mega-cuteness coupled with cat sensitivity seminars (I’m doing my postgrad in Caninology) has softened my stance. Multi species corporations are the future!