Oh my Dog (OMD) have I got some apparel that you have to get your paws/claws on. All Kwezidog goods are made from authentic African materials, my first line showcasing the traditional southern African fabric – Shweshwe.* Pure cotton fabric dyed in a diverse range of vivid color designs, your fur will simply pop when you wear one of my garments!

All the bitches in the neighborhood tell me what a pawsome snout I have and what better to accentuate canine beauty (yes, and feline…whatever) than my new range of neckwear. Bandanas of such pawcision quality that you’ll feel like the alpha of your own dogtatorship.

It’s not just having your paws on the pulse of Afro chic but a howl lot of science, chemistry and mathematics that goes into the construction of a Kwezidog item. I have used my dog years of experience (PhD Caninology) to sniff out the exact range of adjustable sizes necessary for all (combo, sub section, mixed bag, street special, cross bred, inter-species, even blue blood pedigree) pooches out there. My extra-small garments are fitted with release clips so no bush can snag you if you’re (ahem) a feline running away from a dog in the park.

Hold onto your hind legs cause Kwezidog is planning many more exquisite dogtisinal pieces for the near future. Hot on the tail of my paw/claw/hand stitched bandanas are ties and bowties worth digging serious holes for.

*Shweshwe fabric is named after the great Sotho king Moshoeshoe who popularized it in the 1840s. I love his name….I’m not sure why.